The primary mission of the Great South Bay Audubon Society is to advocate for the conservation of habitats for native birds and other native wildlife on Long Island.

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2018 – The Year of the Bird

BirdsThis year makes the 100th anniversary of the passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. This profoundly influential international prohibition of the pursuit, hunting, taking and killing or selling of most species of North American native birds led the way to several other such acts of protection. To help celebrate this success, we are asking our readers to join in on the Great Backyard Bird Count during February 16 to 19. Every tally will contribute to a global snapshot of what is happening in the bird world in this space and time.

Go to to follow the directions.  After you have participated and sent in your count, email Great South Bay Audubon Society and let us know that you did ( so we will have a tally of how many of our members or readers participated. Stay tuned to the upcoming Sandpiper for more details.