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GSBAS Blue Bird Nest Box Program

In 2010, Edith & Bob Wilson spearheaded our Bluebird nest box project at Connetquot River State Park Preserve.  Since then, we’ve added a new dimension to the project by installing a Birdcam on one of the active nest boxes.  The Birdcam is mounted outside of the nest box, thereby keeping the disturbance of the nesting adults to a minimum.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any nesting Bluebirds although there is one box that may be showing signs of Bluebird activity.  Seven nest boxes have active Tree Swallow nests complete with eggs.  It is one of these boxes that we chose as a test for the Birdcam.


The GSBAS’ Connetquot River State Park Preserve (CRSPPP) Bluebird nest box program volunteers – Edith and Bob Wilson, Helga Merryman, Judy & Warren Davis, and Bob Grover -- were busy on Sunday, March 18th preparing for the 2012 breeding season (See photos below.) Some of the boxes were replaced due to raccoon damage last year and all 22 baffles were retrofitted in the hopes of thwarting the raccoon this year. Several Bluebirds were observed checking out the boxes and Tree Swallows waited impatiently for us to move on so they could move in!

Opportunities for nest box monitor training are still available. Join the existing team to learn the protocols for safely opening the boxes, identifying the nesting species, and counting eggs and nestlings. Experience the joy of watching a Bluebird develop from an egg to nestling to fledgling!

There are ticks at CRSPP and monitors have to walk through high grass during the season. It is important for potential volunteers to understand this issue. Training will also include various safety procedures.

Please call us at 631-563-7716 for more information or to sign up for the training.

March 9, 2013 : Update

The GSBAS is the proud recipient of $600 in Audubon Collaborative Funding. Continuing our “Audubon in the Parks” campaign, we have used the funds toward the creation of custom built raccoon baffles. The baffles will help protect our 22 Bluebird nest boxes at Connetquot River State Park Preserve (CRSPP) from the marauding raccoon that has been wreaking havoc for the past two years. Thankfully, the Bluebirds successfully fledged before the raccoon made his rounds but the Tree Swallows have not been so lucky.

Special thanks go out to Edith and Bob Wilson chairs of our Bluebird Nest Box Program, as well as Annette Brownell and her friend Rick Barns, A&N Reliable Welding for getting this project off the ground. The fabrication of the baffles was accomplished by Carl Bausinger, Jr., at The Sheet Metal Shop in Bay Shore.

Installation day, March 9, 2013, dawned clear and relatively warm. Under the guidance of Edith and Bob, the new baffles were installed in two hours by Rick Barns, Annette Brownell, Judy and Warren Davis, Bob Grover, and Helga and Larry Merryman. Bluebirds could be heard in the area. Perhaps they were some of the birds we had observed during the January 19, 2013 Breakfast and Birding.

If you would like to join the Bluebird Nest Box Program team and experience the joy of watching these magnificent birds throughout their nesting process, training is available to become a nest box monitor. Give the GSBAS a call at 631-563-7716.

Photos courtesy of Judy Davis and Helga Merryman - Click image to enlarge

April 30, 2012 : Update

The 2012 Bluebird/Tree Swallow Nest Box season is well under way.  Three boxes are occupied by Bluebirds, who have been busy laying their eggs.  Several other boxes have completed Tree Swallow nests.

Photos courtesy of Judy Davis and Laura Eppig - Click image to enlarge

We have installed our Birdcam at one of the Bluebird nests boxes. We'll have to play with the camera's position to try to get better lighting but the preliminary photos aren’t too bad.  Stay tuned for future nest box updates!

Preparing for the 2012 breeding season

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Click the photos to enlarge

Photos Courtesy of Helga Merryman

May 20, 2010 : Installation Day is a success!

May 24, 2010 : The Tree Swallows have been busy!