The primary mission of the Great South Bay Audubon Society is to advocate for the conservation of habitats for native birds and other native wildlife on Long Island.

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Nature Walk/Event Recap and Reports

GSBAS 2018 June Outdoor Program

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The GSBAS 2018 June Outdoor program was held on June 21. We had a very special program led by Ranger Eric from Your Connection To Nature.  Eric thrilled the crowds with some very unusual animals: A Pygmy Hedgehog, Tarantula, a Chinchilla, a European Collared Dove, two Boa Constrictors, plus skulls of a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. Eric explained the difference between the teeth of each of these. Gangster, Eric’s therapy dog, overlooked the program and entertained the crowd with his “cuteness.”

Highlight of the Program? A few brave volunteers lied down side by side on the grass as the boa constrictor was placed at one end.  The snake slowly slithered and made its way across all the bodies as the audience watched in awe! Was a great evening with perfect weather, lots of laughs, and great company!

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Photos by Vera Capogna - Click to enlarge